Is the Frenchie an excellent family dog?

The French Bulldog is brisk and may be too much for little children. These dogs frequently, become jealous of the children and other pets in the home, and must be cautiously socialized. They often become friendly to just one person, and may become forceful to everyone else. Male French Bulldogs may be particularly reluctant to other males.

Due to their small size, Frenchies are evenly at home in a great house or a small apartment. They have a short, single-layer coat that sheds modestly. They will bark at strangers, but don’t carry on extremely as some other small breeds might.

Heavy-duty train is not necessary, but Frenchies do need a daily walk to discharge some energy and to keep their weight under control.

This breed is disgracefully stubborn and hard to train, both for compliance and for housebreaking. You should anticipate crating train a French Bulldog puppy for at least 4 – 6 months if you worth your carpets.