French Bulldog Puppies - Fascinating Information

The beginning of the French Bulldog is in England, where it was bred as a smaller variation of the English Bulldog. It truly falls under the group of the French Mastiff dogs. In due path of time, the breed was mixed with the French Terrier and was recognized as the French Bulldog. Later, it became popular all over the world.

The French Bulldog female habitually has a litter of about 2 to 5 puppies. The puppy when born is very cute and lovable, with a flat face and bat like ears and grows to a height of about 11 to 13 inches. French Bulldog puppies must be examined for elongated or cleft palate as this breed is level to this type of disorder.

Even when young they are full of power and playful. In as much as the adult French Bulldog is gentle with a enjoyable personality, playful and funny, the French Bulldog puppy is still more so. The French Bulldog puppy is alert and try to stay close to those around it.

These puppies approximately always get along well with other breeds of dogs, such as French poodles, and do not cause much harm in this aspect. These puppies do best with elder children. These puppies cannot be subjected to rough play and it is better that they are kept from having contact with younger children.

Due to their stubborn mentality, the French Bulldog puppies need routine training. The males are violent and hence must be skilled to obey commands from a very early stage.

Nasty methods must not be used to train the puppies, as they may have a harmful effect on specific areas of their behavior. In addition to that, cruel treatment will absolutely not bring good results. A person who trains a French Bulldog puppy should be highly patient.

The puppies do not shed very much and hence grooming is a simple, but essential task. As they dribble a lot, frequent mouth washing is necessary and should start early enough so that it becomes regular as the puppy grows older.

As extreme stress may bring about breathlessness and other related troubles, the French Bulldog puppy must withhold from a set of exercise. Outside is not appropriate for the puppy chiefly when the weather is hot, as there are chances of being attacked by a heat stroke. It should be noted that the French Bulldog puppy is mainly an indoor animal.

The French Bulldog puppy is a fun and lively pet and forms a gracious companion. With the correct training systems it can adapt well sufficient to become a useful dog.