Frequent Eye troubles in Bulldogs

With the big pram eyes of French Bulldogs, it's hard for us humans to oppose them. But there are numerous problems that can come along with that cute face, if not taken care of correctly. Because of the pram eyes of French Bulldog puppies, they are more disposed to eye infections and eye troubles than other breeds.

Cherry Eye

Cherry EyeNumerous dogs, not just your French Bulldog puppy, can come down with a state called Cherry Eye. Dogs have three eye lids - the upper lid, lower lid and third eye lid. There is a gland under the third eye lid that is accountable for creating tears and keeps the eye hydrated. Cherry Eye happens when this gland becomes inflamed and project from the eye. With the gland exposed, it is highly disposed to infection and trauma from the pup rubbing and scratch at it. Prompt treatment is essential to keep this from occurrence. There are gel and steroid drops that can be applied but are sometimes not useful. If the gland is too swollen, operation may be needed which requires suturing the gland back to its unique position. Dogs that have this surgery are more likely to expand dry eye in the future. Once your dog has had Cherry Eye, he is more possible to get it over.

Corneal Ulcers

Corneal UlcersFrench Bulldog puppies are subject to corneal ulcers because of their pram eyes. Since the eyes stick out more than other breeds, their eyes can easily be scratched by claws, twigs, etc. Most grates on the cornea heal on their own within a few days. Deeper scratches may get weeks to heal. These scratches are tickly and sore which source your pup to paw and rub his eyes, making the difficulty worse. Unnecessary rubbing and grate of the eye can cause an sore which, if ruptured, can cause blindness. If you notice your pup peer or rubbing his eye frequently, take him to your vet to make sure there is not a more serious issue going on, such as a corneal ulcer.

Dry Eyes

Dry EyesDry Eyes is basically the same in dogs as it is in humans - tears are not being formed sufficient to hydrate the eye. It causes hives, burning and irritation. Your dog will commonly squint and rub at his eyes which can cause corneal boil. If the state is caught early adequate, you vet may be able to advocate a treatment to get the eyes to create tears again on its own. If not, your pup may be on false tears for the rest of his life.