How to be concerned for a French Bulldog

Affectionate, playful, comical, curious and alert--all sound like basics for the perfect friend. And all rightly describe the French Bulldog. "Frenchies," as they are pet name, were initially bred from English Bulldogs and French Terriers, and have a character and needs all their own. Here are a few ways to care for this pleasant dog with the bat-like ears.

Step 1
Spay or sterilize your French Bulldog. Spaying females before the first heat stop breast cancer and reduce the possibility of uterine infections. Neutering male dogs before age four stops testicular cancer helps uphold a healthy prostate and curbs aggression.

Step 2
Take your Frenchie for usual medical check-up and stay present on vaccinations, flea and heartworm preventive. You can also do a monthly home test of the skin, eyes, ears, nose, teeth and gums.

Step 3
Have your French Bulldog's teeth hygienic efficiently on a periodic basis. Certain veterinarians and pet teeth-cleaning expert offer anesthesia-free cleanings. Anesthesia can be dangerous for a French Bulldog, due to their concession respiratory system; however their laid-back life permits these types of dealings to be done without an anesthetic.

Step 4
Keep your French Bulldog at a strong weight. Heavy Frenchies are likely to knowledge a swollen abdomen and breathing trouble. Feed a quality, grain-free or low grain, natural dog food (dry or canned) include real meat and/or vegetables or a reasonable natural diet of real meat and other fresh foods, which will effect in less gassiness. Raw diets also labor well for French Bulldogs.

Step 5
Take your Frenchie for daily walks. They are good for dwelling life and can be active indoors, but still need standard exercise.

Step 6
Brush your French Bulldog about once a week with a rubber brush or rubber cleaning mitt to take away loose and dead hair. They are normal shedders.

Step 7
Clean your French Bulldog's face crease and mouth frequently with a warm, wet washcloth, since they be apt to drool.

Step 8
Bathe your French Bulldog when essential. Typically every little month is OK. Clean the ears with a cotton ball and baby oil or ear clear out solution for dogs. Keep your Frenchie's nails smart to a comfortable length.