Avoid a French bulldog from intake Poop

Most dogs at a few points in their lives will try and will sequentially eat their poop. This is really quite normal in dogs, but as it can cause an upset stomach this should be avoided as much as probable. Hear - how to avoid your French bulldog from intake poop!

  1. If you have a dog that eats feces - whether it's his own or that of another dog - you must stay a close eye on your dog. Dogs are obviously curious and will inhale poop. Puppies particularly will find this smell exciting. Try to divert the notice of the puppy to something more attractive. Immediately bring out a dog toy or dog treat to help divert him.

  2. Be sure to select up the area in which your dog poops normally. In many cases, this is the family garden. Clean up the area several times per week. If the poop is out of site, the poop will be out of brain!

  3. Add a little amount of pineapple to your dogs’ meal. Some dogs don't like the flavor of pineapple, but many dogs like the fruit's sweetness. When the fruit passes through the dog's intestines it alters the taste, so the dog will not like the flavor of poop with pineapple. Expectantly after sniffing this a few times, your dog or puppy will avoid poop all at once!