What to look out for when selecting a puppy

If you decide to bring home a little puppy, then it will be necessary for you to learn a few things when selecting which puppy to buy. Most people are tempted to buy the first cute looking puppy they came across when visiting a puppy breeder. Instead you should take your time, do some research and weigh the options more carefully because choosing a puppy is a fairly serious business.
  • The puppy you pick up must be at least 8 weeks old in the breeder. This amount of time the puppy needs to be with its mother for developing full consciousness of itself.

  • Choosing a reputable puppy breeder, with a good track record, is the first step towards purchasing an excellent puppy. Good breeders breed wonderful, hardy specimens of their chosen breed and will never cheat you into buying a poor specimen.

  • Make it a point to test drive some adult dogs of the breed you have decided on. It is advisable to consult a few dog owners and attend some dog shows and also visit local dog obedience training centers. You will gain plenty of useful knowledge of the breed to take an informed decision.

  • Have a detailed discussion with your local Veterinarian to find out if they have any opinions about various breeds and what points you should consider. Also find out if there are any breed specific ailments you need to be aware of. Certain breeds are prone to various genetic physical and mental problems such as cleft palate, blindness, deafness and hip dysplasia.

  • When you have identified a few breeders and are ready to check out a litter of puppies, it is preferable to request an experienced person to accompany you.

  • Chatting with one or more dog obedience training instructors can give you a valuable insight into almost any dog breed. These people will offer a goldmine of unbiased information.
A good way to locate a good breeder is by contacting your local Kennel Club or Association. The property/kennel is an obvious giveaway when visiting breeders. If the breeder can't get this basic necessity right, simply turn around and continue your search elsewhere. Ascertain if there is a waiting list of buyers to purchase puppies from this breeder? Good breeders are always popular and it is a good sign if people are prepared to wait in line for buying their puppies.

At first, observe the litter carefully without disturbing the puppies and specially watch how the pups interact with each other. An alert and active and playful should be the one to be picked up. But be careful not to mix up seeing puppies that are dominant or overbearing with other litter-mates.

Look at the physical appearance each puppy. They should be pleasant and bubbly- neither too obese nor too skinny. Look for a confident little pup that struts up to you and your family members with head erect and tail wagging with excitement. A bit of a cheeky lick on the hand is also a welcome sign.

Once you have made the final choice, it is advisable to have your Veterinarian do a thorough examination of the pup. Check the Vet records of the puppy including vaccination and health inspection records.