How to Classify a French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is most certainly a successor of the English Bulldog. Around the turn of the century, there were a number of bulldogs bringing in into France and major efforts were made in breeding a sort of "toy" bulldog. The French Bulldog was one such consequence and has the feature bat-like ears. Read on to study more.

Tip 1

Observe the overall look of the dog. The French Bulldog is an clever solidly built dog. It is efficiently built and has a smooth coat. It is inquisitive and alert.

Tip 2

Appear at the ears. The French Bulldog has a very typical type of ear. They emerge like the ears of a bat. They sit up on the head and the maw of the ear is sharp towards the front.

Tip 3

The eyes of the French Bulldog are usually dark and wide set apart sitting low on the head. The eyes are round and not gaunt or bulging looking.

Tip 4

The coat is short hair and has soft skin. The area on the head and shoulders is loose and tends to form wrinkles.

Tip 5

Observe the tail. It is either straight or screwed. It is short, about like a stub, being fat at the base and comes to a fine tip.

Tip 6

The hind legs are fat and muscular. They are a bit longer than the front legs, raising the hind above the stage of the shoulders.