How diverse are you and your French bulldog puppy?

Have you ever surprise just how different you and your dog actually are? Have you often thought about what your dog is thoughts or emotion? If so then you would positively not be alone! Many owners often consider about their dog’s skill and how their bodies really work.

The variation between a French bulldog’s metabolism and the way in which its body works is often completely the opposite of how the human body works. For example, if a human was to be given oral contraceptives, they would raise the risk of deadly blood clots. However, a dog which is given oral contraceptives would wait the time that the blood gets to clot. Dogs also create their own Vitamin C, whereas humans are incapable to do so. Aspirin can cause birth fault in dogs but it does not have the same influence on humans.

Medical wise, the French bulldog’s remains often appears to be a lot cleverer than the human body. A good example is if a human were to take the toxic Oxyphenbutazone medicine, it would take 72 hours to metabolize the drug. However for dogs it takes their body just 30 minutes to reduce the drug from the body. They are also impervious by Chloramphenicol whereas in humans it causes aplastic anaemia.

Overall the way in which a dog’s body reacts to drugs is wholly different to how a human body reacts. The above are just a few of the attractive differences among us and our beloved pets.