Bulldog Breeders – Around the globe

Any Bulldog breeder can tell you about the delightful personality of the sturdy, compact English Bulldog. The term Bulldog typically refers to the English version though there are also French and American Bulldog breeds. The English Bulldog is obvious by its short, stocky frame, its waddle, its creased face and pug nose, and by its under-bite. English Bulldogs are also famous for physical and personality traits such as drooling, snoring (loudly), gassiness, attention-getting behavior, and sense of humor. American Bulldogs more personally resemble Old English Bulldogs, which were taller and faster than the European versions of today.

Bulldog Breeders should be able to teach potential buyers about Bulldog information including care, grooming and discipline. Whether an American, French or English Bulldog breeder, he will have information of all Bulldog breeds and their specific needs. Bulldogs are not for innocent pet owners. This breed is high protection and requires significant attention, training and medical care.

European versions of the Bulldog often have respiratory troubles due to their small bodies, flat faces and Pug noses. These versions also need help giving birth, usually by c-section, as puppies’ heads are too wide to be delivered as expected. The American Bulldog has a life expectancy of almost twice that of the European versions, but these larger dogs have their own set of behavioral, social and health issues. Bulldogs buyers should approach Bulldog breeders with a list of questions. Good breeders will be able to provide wide Bulldog information. Buyers should also expect Bulldog breeders to meeting them to make sure they can tolerably provide for Bulldog puppies.

The most imperative thing for buyers to know about Bulldog breeders is that good breeders not at all sell to pet stores. Any purebred dog breeders, like the Bulldog breeder, loves the breed and care for animals like family members, not merchandise. Due to the high price that can be fetched for purebred puppies, some breeders run unlawful puppy mills, which are operations in purebred dogs are bred always to produce multiple litters to sell at sale. Dogs in puppy mills are harmed.