How to shun my French bulldog being jealous of my new born baby

Just imagine the condition from the point of view of your Bulldog. He is part of the family, often treated as “the kid”, and then, rapidly, a new creature arrives and takes all the notice of his beloved family. It is quite like to what older children feel, when a little brother/sister arrives. One of the differences is just that the dog can’t talk English.

Really, if we are aware of this ‘problem’ in advance, the situation can be handled, but it needs consciousness and to be started in time, long before the baby’s coming. Let’s see how we can arrange our French Bulldog for the new family member.

If your dog’s daily custom has to be changed with the baby’s arrival (it probably will), you should start altering the rules much earlier, giving him plenty of time to get used to the new set up. This way it isn’t going to be so sudden and shocking. If your Bulldog hasn’t really been taught before, it’s high time to start. He should learn at least a few orders, like sit, stay, etc. This way, he’ll be easier to touch.

Many families worry about their dog endangering the health of the child, so the top thing to do is to take your pet to the vet, get him checked and get some opinion. Get your French Bulldog used to the new smells, sounds in advance (blankets, lotions, toys). It’s also a good idea that just after your baby was born; send home a cover that the baby had been in, so your dog can skill the child’s smell in advance. It is very vital to know that your French bulldog will get a lot less notice from the mother, so when taking the baby home for the first time, the mother should greet the dog, so it is better if someone else is moving the baby.

It is also a good idea not to leave them alone mutually at the first times, until your Bulldog feels easy with the baby, because, for example, it is very likely that the dog won’t tolerate the child’s crying very well in the starting. You have to teach him that this is a usual sound, and you should inspire him not to bark (with treats, for example).

And the most significant rule for last, maybe it seems too obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning: try to give as much notice to your French Bulldog as you can. The point is that he has to feel that you do mind about him. If you keep this in mind, most perhaps there will be no problem. You could also try Preparing Fido, which is an amazing collection of Baby sounds planned especially to get your dog ready for the entrance of the new Baby!