Small Dogs that don’t bark a lot

French bulldog - Not all small dogs are big barkers.

Small dogs have a reputation for being yappy, but not all small dog breeds are worthy of that reputation. It is idealistic to expect dogs not to ever bark, as barking is their primary form of verbal communication. There are more than a few small-dog breeds that do not bark much.
Why Dogs Bark
Dogs bark for numerous reasons. The more time spent with a dog, the closer the owner comes to considerate the reason for each bark. A dog's barking can benefit the owner and provide release for the dog. Examples of special dog barks include: territorial, alarm, greeting, attention-seeking, frustration, social, excitement or anxiety.

Excessive dog barking is an issue and can be treated with training. Before this occurs, the owner should decide the reason for the barking. Due to neighbors, work schedules or other reasons, some people prefer a dog that barks rarely.

Other Small-Dog Breeds
Other small-dog breeds with the attribute of infrequent barking include bull terrier, French bulldog, Havens, miniature schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Pekingese and pugs.

Normally, it is just not in these breeds' nature to bark much, however unlike the Basenji they certainly do bark. Some, like the bull terrier, do not bark without good reason, and the miniature schnauzer howls rather than barks. Other than their small size and lack of barking, these breeds are diverse from each other. All breed characteristics should be careful before proceeding with dog ownership.