Frenchie helping suggestions

If you want a Frenchie to breed since you think you will make money, then you are creating a mistake. Breeding should not be taken calmly. If you still think you want to breed, then the subsequent tips may be supportive.

We cannot pressure enough that breeding your Frenchie should be taken very grave. This is not an easy procedure. The well being of your Frenchie is the most important thing to believe. Do not breed without first calming yourself. Talk to skilled breeders, your vet, and read all that you can on the subject. It is very important to have a good vet that you know and trust. We could never have breed Bulldogs for the past twenty years if we didn’t have our vet by our side. We have become friends with a shared respect for one another. This is invaluable!

You should breed for health and temperament. Breeding can be very luxurious. It can involve artificial inseminating, and a certain C-section. It is important to give proper diet and train during pregnancy. Once the pups are natural is when the real work begins…. You must be ready to assist nurse the pups every 2-3 hours for the first week.