The constricted line between training and neglect

Many dog owners feel that their French bulldog is the smartest in the world. There’s no trouble with this, up to definite point. This point is when the owner expects as much from the dog as if it actually was the most intelligent creature the world has ever seen. They anticipate them to learn everything right away, whereas dogs need time to learn things, the similar way as we, humans do. Just in a different way well, the point is that training need time and patience. It can be special for all dogs, but we do have to keep this in mind and take the time and energy to train our French Bulldog.

Another common mistake (also because of the lack of patience) is to give up. Many people think that they have already tried all but the dog doesn’t want to learn. In this case, maybe the process is not the best, or they need more time. There are no dogs that wouldn’t be able to be trained at least a few instructions. Giving up is never a result.

So, if we have the time and the patience we can pass up the next, and maybe the biggest mistake: to turn teaching into abuse. Perhaps you wait for me to tell you where this line is. I can’t. This is rather the owner should know. Training is all about message. If you know you’re Bulldog, if you pay notice to him, you see how he feels. Unluckily many dog owners don’t have this ability, because they only keep pets for leisure, while a dog is much more than that.

Going back to training, a very significant rule is that your goal should be that your French bulldog obeys to commands because he is keen to do so. Not because he is scared. Many-many owners forget about this, and feel the training victorious, but actually they are making their dog unhappy. How can someone live joyfully in fear? No way. These owners are only custody a dog to make themselves happy, and don’t feel the blame they should.

So the point is that ‘encouraging training’ is promising. Really, that’s the only way. The first difficulties most French bulldog owners face is potty training their puppy. As with general training, the main values remain the same: a positive, satisfying approach and a lot of patience is necessary. There are, however a few tips and tricks that will make the whole process earlier and easier for both puppy and owner.